Non-Human is a minor character from Action 52 (only seen during the Non-Human game as a background element), but a boss in Scooby Doc 4, serving as the game's 13th boss.

Introduction Edit

Non-Human mostly serves as an offensive class. He can use his Time Warp Fingers to cause direct explosive damage, his Ghostly Skulls as a sniping attack, and his Giant Boulder as pseudo-space control.

Weapons Edit

Mainfire - Time Warp Fingers Edit

Fires out a pair of fingers (from Time Warp Tickers) which move straight. If no one is hit after a few seconds, the fingers will jump and move faster, doubling their damage. If the fingers hit an enemy, it will cause explosive damage.

Altfire - Ghostly Skull Edit

Fires out the skull enemy from Haunted Halls. Upon contact with anything, it splits into four small projectiles. Speeds up with more distance.

Reload - Giant Boulder Edit

Fires the boulder from Adventure Island, which rebounds off of walls six times before exploding.

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