DLN-008, Elec Man, is a Robot Master from the original Mega Man, being one of the original six (eight in Powered Up) Robot Masters created by Dr. Light. Created to help with electrical plants, he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily in order to help in his world domination scheme, but was saved by Mega Man. In Rockman CX, Elec Man appears as a fortress boss in Light Labs. The class in Non-Canon Classes is based on this version, thus he's gvien the name Elec Man CX.

Introduction Edit

As a combination of self-fortitude and zoning, Elec Man is capable of buffing himself to boost his abilities both at long range and mid-range combat.

Weapons Edit

Mainfire - Thunder Break Edit

Launch an electric stream which travels in a straight line and rips through targets. After enough time, it will split into two non-ripping streams in a Y-shaped pattern. Damage is considerably higher before splitting.

Altfire - Lightning Strike/Shock Surge Edit

Uncharged, call a powerful bolt of lightning from above at the spot you were aiming. Charged, the bolt will instead strike you and heal 5 damage, as well as dramatically increase your speed and other attacks' rates of fire for a short time.

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