Dyna Man is a robot master from the first Mega Man DOS game. He's one of the three robot masters that Dr. Wily controlled via CRORQ.

Introduction Edit

A mix of a trap setup and explosive frontline class, Dyna Man effectively withers away his opponents' health using his various means of explosives.

Weapons Edit

Mainfire - Nuclear Detonator Edit

Lob a single large stick of dynamite which explodes on contact with any player or surface. Can be charged for more distance and damage.

Altfire - Dynamite Trap / Bomb Crate Edit

Throw a stick of dynamite that bounces on surfaces. Does no damage on player contact, but can be detonated at will with the use of his item. Only four can be out at once. Can be charged for a large bomb crate with the same physical properties, only this time it will burst into smaller dynamite sticks.

Item - The Button Edit

Detonate altfire traps already set up on the field. Detonation is simultaneous and only requires one input.

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