SWN-009, Comet Woman, is one of the eight Robot Masters (not counting Yoku Man (a secret boss) and Whirlpool Man) in Mega Man Unlimited. She was created to research outer space and is able to reach outstanding speeds using her powerful propulsor, allowing her to use her weapon, Comet Dash. To her dismay, she can't fly as fast as she wants within the atmosphere, as she would overheat from the air friction. She also likes to race against Jet Man. At the end of the game, she breaks from Wily and continues her competitive friendship with Jet Man.

Introduction Edit

Comet Woman is mainly an offensive class, coming with her Orbital Shot as a means of ranged combat, and Comet Dash as a form of close-combat.

Weapons Edit

Mainfire - Orbital Shot Edit

Comet Woman fires a projectile that, when it hits an opponent, splits into two, circles around them, and then shoot in opposite directions.

Altfire - Comet Dash Edit

Comet Woman dashes forward and leaves a trail of projectiles that split into two. Any contact with her whilst dashing does cause damage.

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